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The Wrecking Crew is the one of the oldest Units in the Abu Bekr Temple. It was organized in 1922 and were 29 charter members. Since the Wrecking Crew’s beginning, there have been several Directors. The purpose of the Wrecking Crew is to conduct the Second Section for the initiation of New Members into the Shrine, to participate in the Shrine Parades and to engage in activities which benefit the Shrine Hospitals. The Wrecking Crew takes part in a wide range of social events. In addition to assisting ushers at the Shrine Circus, there are various picnics, parties and parade events, such as Shrine conventions. The primary functions are the annual dinner on the first Wednesday each November when the annual election of New Officers is held, and the installation of new officers at a dinner dance usually held on the third Saturday of January each year.Regular business meetings take place on the first Wednesday evening of each month, except in July and August. Meetings Usually at the Elbon Club, unless otherwise specified by the President. Additionally other special meeting may be called by the Director to work on preparation for the Ceremonials.


Pat Birks (Sue)

Brenick Hoppe
Vice President

Dennis Dorr (Sharon)

Jarrod Knudsen

Brandon Meyer (Catie)

Jeff Zook (Erin)
Membership Chair/Equipment Chair


First Wednesday of every month
7 p.m. – Shrine Temple

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