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The Abu Bekr Oriental band was organized in 1935 with nineteen charter members. Very soon after it’s inception, the band grew to over thirty members, and by the early 1940’s, the band had well over forty members. Through the 90’s and the early 2000’s, the bands membership dropped to about ten active. However, recently, the band has begun to rebuild and currently has fifteen active members and continues to grow.

The unique style of the Oriental Band’s uniform is that of an “Eastern-Style” costume with the baggy pantaloons, sleeveless bolero, cumberbund with a tasseled down, and the Fez. The music for this band is as unique as the costuming. The horn section is made up of silver horns known as “Chinese Musettes”. The rest of the band is made up of percussion instruments that include: Bass drums, Tom-Toms, Cymbals, Tambourines, and a Gong. The Oriental Band Director also has a unique way in which he directs the band. Instead of using a Baton or a Drum Major’s Mace, he wields a large Scimitar.

Longevity has been a big part of the band over the years. We have had several of our members who have been active for well over fifty years. Currently we have three active members who are sixty year members in the Shrine.

The Oriental Band is the only unit in the Shrine that, with their costuming and music, directly compliments the Shrine’s Middle Eastern theme. We provide colorful entertainment to parades, ceremonials, and other events throughout the year. We also participate in competitions with other Oriental bands at the Midwest and Central States Shrine Conventions. We hold social activities throughout the year that have included: dances, yard parties, ballyhoos, dinners, etc.



Alan Fagan (Tammy)
President/Membership Co-Chair

Brandon Pryce (Sidney Gile)
Vice President

Andrew Gerodias (Amanda)

Tom Austin (Melissa)
Treasurer/Jewelry Treasurer

Sheldon Menin (Rita Newman)
Membership Chair

Charles Carson (Linda)
Social Media Director

George “Rod” Quint (Sheryl)
Transportation Director


Practice/Meetings: First Wednesday of month

6:30 p.m. – Shrine Temple

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